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" Kwon Ji-yong (Korean: 권지용, born August 18, 1988), better known by his stage name G-Dragon (Korean: 지드래곤), is a South Korean rapper, singer, songwriter, producer and model.
At the age of eight he was in SM entertainment, however he decided to change record labels. After 6 years as a trainee under the record label YG Entertainment, G-Dragon officially debuted as the leader and one of two rappers for the Korean group Big Bang. G-Dragon has been involved with writing, composing and producing many of Big Bang's tracks, including "Lies", "Last Farewell", and "Haru Haru".

Source : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/G-Dragon

Few days ago , he performed  stunningly as usual on SBS가요대전 , with his SWAG style , he's a no cure . Every word in his song ONE OF A KIND totally describes him . When you look at him , you just know that this boy is outstanding . The best leader ever . 권지용!!


Sleveless top made from black leather looks brilliant! He's toff. His statement necklaces completed his looks . Half pink hair ? It feels so right on him , which i believe won't work on anyone but him .

If you keep your eyes on him this year , you'll notice that he has dyed his hair almost every month .

Which one do you like the most? 

Selasa, 01 Januari 2013


머리 어깨 무릎 발 Swag Checked! Never been too serious , all he does is just enough .Well , each person's "enough" is varied . Once again i make him as my pledge for this blog . One of  his hits single from ONE OF A KIND album titled Crayon is totally got me . Showing playfull side of him , i couldn't have enough watching this MV. Thom Browne's quirky suit looks so cute on him . Pastel color palette  becomes the statement colors in this outfit . Usually this colors are horses of courses , but he rocks 'em all!  

What if i apply this palette to female daily wear?does it work too?


Mint colored hair? Why not?! At first even his dongsaeng - VI - said that this color won't work on him , but he still rocks it his way. He looks even cooler than the mint with this hairstyle.Early last year , he appeared in Strong Heart with YG Family.Sharing his unique experience , even went to bathroom in the middle of the show . I've watched this show for couples of times and still love it like the first time.
He looks stunning in this outfit . Simple white blazer with black long-thin collar looks shabby on him. Abstract white-grey thight fits perfectly on him.

Couple days later , fans noticed that the blazers he worn is one of the Balmain's collection .Using  Elizabeth and James Rex white blazer with Religion Glamrock skinny jeans combine with Giuseppe Zanotti mint green suede peep toe heels feels so right to represent his looks in female version.Still got the mint-taste without dying your hair mint aight?

Price and Detail 

The Adaptation

BIGBANG is my mood booster.I've loved them for almost 3 years , Especially TOP , the rapper , he's like my biggest crush.Love his style , his sexy voice , his cuteness , i love everything about him .I'm not a frequent magazine reader , but if the magazine featured BIGBANG , i'll buy it with no doubt .
I can't resist his charm .

Trying to adapt his look into female looks is fun for me . Seems like i've found my another hobby here. Actually , i've thought about this adapting-thing a long time ago , but have never published it like this.I feel happy to share my thought with you all.Your comments will be so precious to me :D

Mysteriously handsome.Dark colour with a little touch of coral looks so lovely on him . Trying to recreate his look with black hooded pea coat , pagelle singlet , skinny jeans , and a cute coral peeptoe heels. 

The Adaptation

G-Dragon the leader of this group has the quirkiest style , but this time he try to look normal , with wearable fashion items put on .Still, nobody can resist his star aura.

"Because I’m different, because that’s me!
because no matter what I do, chaos ensues
because i make trend, because i change everything
This talent will never leave me"

One of a Kind lyrics

Senin, 31 Desember 2012

To Anyone Who Loves 2NE1

2NE1.This group style is always be the trendsetter.In SBS 가요대전 2012 , Park Bom wears Emilio Pucci Collection.She looks awesome in this suit.Black and Gold could never be wrong.

 This $ 3989 metallic bead embroidered blazer has rocked her outfit that night.

Kiss Me "Leather"

When you hear the word "leather" what do you think? Expensive ? Classy? Yes , it is. This everlasting fabric was identical with masculine or boyish , but now it's totally different.Leather skirt could bring your daily look to bee's knees.

Actually , i'm not a girly kinda girl , but this stuff has got me.Inspired by Louise Roe the fashion stylist from recent MTV Show titled Plain Jane , i try to recreate this outlook.When i look at another fashion news article it turns out to be a trend this day.Combining the masculine look of leather with girly floral top brings the elegant and edgy taste for the user.


His Charismatic Style Makes Me Fly "High High" in The Sky

The sexiest guy alive.Yes, he's Choi Seung Hyun aka TOP from the most success KPOP male-group this year.Despite his group tight schedule , his fashion taste is even getting higher.
Lately, airport fashion becomes attention of KPOP media , their daily styles are shown here, which makes me wonder whether i could use it in my daily style too or not.so this is it, tryin' to apply his style in my own way.what do you think?

Shocking pink blazer for airport fashion?my male-friends maybe would doubt to wear it.but for TOP , it seems like just another unit for his dress to kill outfit.Looks so gorgeous.Black sunglasses perfectly cover his eyes and add the edginess of his look.Well, i'll definitely lost the plot when meeting this awesome guy.
When i look at this outfit, i think that it will be sure to look awesome in the woman style also , without leaving the edginess of his style .So i try 'em my way.Does it work?

Another look that i try to mix in my way is this look.Perfect red leather jacket with simple denim shirt underneath.