Senin, 31 Desember 2012

To Anyone Who Loves 2NE1

2NE1.This group style is always be the trendsetter.In SBS 가요대전 2012 , Park Bom wears Emilio Pucci Collection.She looks awesome in this suit.Black and Gold could never be wrong.

 This $ 3989 metallic bead embroidered blazer has rocked her outfit that night.

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Helena Natanael mengatakan...

wahhh park bom is always the cutest and most amazing! I like her. thanks for sharing and happy new year :D

Wina Natalia mengatakan...

happy new year .thanks for checking my blog , i've check and follow yours.
glad if you'd like to follow me back :D

♥Pinky♥ mengatakan...

i love Dara!

Have a sweet and brilliant day!!
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Laura mengatakan...

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Kelly Jaspers mengatakan...

Love it!

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Happy 2013!


Nina Rachel mengatakan...

lovely pictures :-) we're following you now on bloglovin' and gfc, hope you follow back :-) xxx

Wina Natalia mengatakan...

i've followed you all fellas.check it out >.< thx for your comments. :D
happy new year

Flight of Fancy Girl mengatakan...

Love that Pucci ensemble!!

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