Senin, 31 Desember 2012

His Charismatic Style Makes Me Fly "High High" in The Sky

The sexiest guy alive.Yes, he's Choi Seung Hyun aka TOP from the most success KPOP male-group this year.Despite his group tight schedule , his fashion taste is even getting higher.
Lately, airport fashion becomes attention of KPOP media , their daily styles are shown here, which makes me wonder whether i could use it in my daily style too or this is it, tryin' to apply his style in my own way.what do you think?

Shocking pink blazer for airport fashion?my male-friends maybe would doubt to wear it.but for TOP , it seems like just another unit for his dress to kill outfit.Looks so gorgeous.Black sunglasses perfectly cover his eyes and add the edginess of his look.Well, i'll definitely lost the plot when meeting this awesome guy.
When i look at this outfit, i think that it will be sure to look awesome in the woman style also , without leaving the edginess of his style .So i try 'em my way.Does it work?

Another look that i try to mix in my way is this look.Perfect red leather jacket with simple denim shirt underneath. 

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annick tamoto mengatakan...

good adaptations from male celebs :D happy new years! and sure, would love to follow each other. follow back?

love, annick from

Wina Natalia mengatakan...

thanks for your comment.i've followed your blog :D