Selasa, 01 Januari 2013


머리 어깨 무릎 발 Swag Checked! Never been too serious , all he does is just enough .Well , each person's "enough" is varied . Once again i make him as my pledge for this blog . One of  his hits single from ONE OF A KIND album titled Crayon is totally got me . Showing playfull side of him , i couldn't have enough watching this MV. Thom Browne's quirky suit looks so cute on him . Pastel color palette  becomes the statement colors in this outfit . Usually this colors are horses of courses , but he rocks 'em all!  

What if i apply this palette to female daily wear?does it work too?

7 komentar:

Novarinna Tan mengatakan...

So cute dear !
Love Brown Pumps !!
Following you

Wina Natalia mengatakan...

Thx >.< i've followed your blog too :D

Ellyzabeth Tanaya mengatakan...

aaaaak kamu vip yaaaaa <3 aku jugaa! crayon is super swagg!

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Caro * mengatakan...

Amazing style !!

Happy New Year !! :)

devorelebeaumonstre. mengatakan...

nice! xx

rae mengatakan...

lol what a crazy look. i love how you translated it into a feminine outfit though.
xx rae

Wina Natalia mengatakan...

yes i am VIP :P.
thx all for your comment
so precious :D

사랑해요 <3