Selasa, 01 Januari 2013

The Adaptation

BIGBANG is my mood booster.I've loved them for almost 3 years , Especially TOP , the rapper , he's like my biggest crush.Love his style , his sexy voice , his cuteness , i love everything about him .I'm not a frequent magazine reader , but if the magazine featured BIGBANG , i'll buy it with no doubt .
I can't resist his charm .

Trying to adapt his look into female looks is fun for me . Seems like i've found my another hobby here. Actually , i've thought about this adapting-thing a long time ago , but have never published it like this.I feel happy to share my thought with you all.Your comments will be so precious to me :D

Mysteriously handsome.Dark colour with a little touch of coral looks so lovely on him . Trying to recreate his look with black hooded pea coat , pagelle singlet , skinny jeans , and a cute coral peeptoe heels. 

The Adaptation

G-Dragon the leader of this group has the quirkiest style , but this time he try to look normal , with wearable fashion items put on .Still, nobody can resist his star aura.

"Because I’m different, because that’s me!
because no matter what I do, chaos ensues
because i make trend, because i change everything
This talent will never leave me"

One of a Kind lyrics

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RINA mengatakan...

Lovely blog :)

Wina Natalia mengatakan...

thx girl :D

Caro * mengatakan...

Lovely outfit, the second one is perfect :)